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QualDes are the "one stop shop" food industry specialists . Training and New Product Development. Food Safety, Quality Systems.


Providing professional service to the food industry since 1994

Customer Focused
We take time to understand the customer’s needs
Our work is timely and cost effective
We become part of the customer’s team
We match our resources to the customer’s need
We share our new product ideas with our customers
Product Focused
Focused on achieving launch date
Will manage the project from concept to launch
High level of product functionality
Wide product knowledge
Industry Focused
Good working relationship with:
Raw material and packaging suppliers
Government Authorities
Associate companies overseas to keep abreast of new products and ideas
Quality Focused
All products are designed and developed to be safe and stable
Full food safety documentation supplied with a project
HACCP plans and monitoring forms are implemented
Full computer back-up of all information
Full website access for our customers to their information